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BLANK GUESTHOUSE also offers tours to popular tourist destinations in Siem Reap at reasonable prices.
Not to mention world heritage sites such as Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear, as well as tours of museums, dance shows and orphanages.

If you are new travelers or are not good at negotiating with a tuk-tuk driver, take a look at our tour!


Most famous “Angkor Archaeological Complex”

Angkor archeological sites, including the Angkor Wat temple, a symbol of Cambodia, are registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004. Angkor is a must-visit place when you come to Siem Reap, where you can experience the history of Cambodia. The archaeological sites can be visited with a single ticket, the less expensive if you want visit several archeological sites over a half day. First, Angkor Wat. The meaning of is name is "large temple" and its magnificent appearance is impressive. When the pagoda is reflected on the water with the morning sun as a backdrop, I am impressed by its beauty.
An other temple, Ta Prohm was a film location for "Tomb Raider '' One of the corridors is eroded by a giant tree called "banyan" and sculptures of Kanzeon Bodhisattva are on the four sides of the pagoda :east, west, south and north.

◾ Charter fee of Tuk Tuk:

Angkor Wat Asahi $ 7

Angkor Wat Asahi + Angkor Archeological Site Turnaround $ 22

Angkor Archeological Site Turnaround $ 15

Angkor Archeological Site Roundabout $ 18

* Can take up to 4 people

Sky Temple "Preah Vihear"

Preah Vihear Temple is located about 100 km away from Siem Reap. This Hindu temple was built in the 9th century at an altitude of 600m. After 4 hours drive (from Siem Reap), you will arrive at the foot of the temple, from where you will board a hilux and run up the mountain road. The stunning scenery continues on the mountain path. Get off the Hilux and walk down the slope. As you climb up steep cobblestones, you'll find incredible temples. Beyond that is the cliff. Underneath is a magnificent view that extends to the horizon, a view that explain why Preah Vihear is called the “temple of the sky”.

◾Van charter fee:

Preah Vihear only $ 130
Preah Vihear + Vemeria $ 170
* Up to 12 people can ride

Ruins of jungle "Venmeria"

Vemeria Palace is a ruin located in a forest approximately 50 km east of the center of Siem Reap. This archeological site, built in the 12th century, is a mystery. It is called "East Angkor Wat" because the layout of the corridors is similar of the great temple. It is a huge archeological site that is said to be comparable to Angkor Wat if its appearance remains. The site area is very large, overgrown and the desolate atmosphere creates a mysterious space. Huge trees are eroding the main corridor, and it is likely to collapse soon. Vemeria is said to have become a model of "Laputa, the Castle in the Sky".

◾Tuk-tuk charter fee: $ 35
* Can take up to 4 people

Huge Lake Tonle Sap Lake

Lake Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia, spread about 10 km, south of Siem Reap. Its area reaches 16,000 square kilometers in the rainy season, which is larger than Iwate Prefecture. The first thing you can see from the port is a large canal with turbid currents. From here, board a boat and depart for cruising. Beyond the canal, there are fishers living in the world's largest floating houses. From floating restaurants, souvenir shops, and elementary schools, you can see the whole village. At around 6:00 pm, you can also drink alcohol while watching the sun set over the horizon. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, comparable to Angkor Wat.

チ ャ ー Tuk-tuk charter fee: $ 12
* Can take up to 4 people


50km north from Siem Reap. It is a ruin of Hindu sculpture carved on the riverside, at the head of the Siem Reap River.

Phnom Coolen

About 50km north from Siem Reap. It is a holy mountain that is said to be the birthplace of Angkor。

Sambo Play Cook

One of the five major archeological sites in Angkor. The octagonal shrine and the sculpture called "Aerial Palace" are famous.

Apsara Dance Show

This is a Cambodian classical dance registered as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Staff recommendation!


①Marketing and shopping @Old market
Because local people go there also and it's feels exciting (it smells a bit).
Cheap souvenirs!
Going to a Japanese-managed shop can also be interesting (SALASUSU, Suijoh, Ashi, Kurata Pepper, etc.)

②Shopping, rice @@ Pub Street
Lively all night long !
There are many stylish restaurants
Eat rare things (spiders, snakes, etc.)
Cheap souvenirs!

③ Tours are available at Japanese-owned shops such as SALASUSU, Suijoh, Ashi, and Kurata Pepper, and at a shop called Senteur d'Angkor (owned by French people).
There are also workshops!

③ Watch the sunset at Tonle Sap Lake
It's a bit far from the city center, enjoy the countryside!
On the boat to the lake island, you can chat with a guide and see the water village!
The sunset over the horizon is so romantic!

⑤ The royal road : Watching
Angkor Wat reflecting in the lake is beautiful
If you go to Cambodia, you should go at least once!



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