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[Spring is coming] We will hold an event every day in the spring of 2020! [BLANK GUESTHOUSE]

Hello everyone!

Have you plan your spring yet ?

Well, good news for you, BLANK GUESTHOUSE will hold an event every day in the spring of 2020! ! !

The event will be held every day from February 1 to March 31, 2020.

In this blog, we will introduce such events at once! !


Click here for the weekly schedule from 2/1 to 2/7 ↓


Day trip camp in Nishibarai !

At first this event is introduced! ! By the way, it’s also my personal favorite event.


What do you do in a day camp? I will briefly introduce the contents :

First, West Baray is a lake where local Cambodians gather.

It is located about 20 minutes by tuk-tuk from BLANK GuestHouse.

So we all do BBQ! All you can eat (pork and vegetables) !!


Beer with meat is simply the best, don’t you think ?


After filling our stomachs with meat, the next step is to split the watermelon by the lake!

There is no doubt that everyone will get excited by this challenge.
After the watermelon split, we’ll can spend time in the lake and relax in hammocks.


If you’re interested, please check out our blog post “Eat, Swim, and Make Noise! Day camp in Nishi Barai” : 『食べて、泳いで、騒いで!日帰りキャンプ in 西バライ【シェムリアップ】』 or our YouTube videos ! ♪

Popular event “BLANK Futsal Tournament”

As the name implies, you can play futsal at this event. Futsal with the Cambodians, followed by a two-hour all-you-can-drink launch!

Not all men are good at exercising?It’s OK! Personaly I enjoyed my first futsal experience! Just try, have fun !

For those who are worried about what it looks like, the blog “[Siem Reap] The 4th BLANK Futsal was also very exciting! 『【シェムリアップ】第4回BLANKフットサルも大盛りあがりでした!【有名人も参戦】』 (Celebrities also participate)

Please check!


Emo No.1 Event “Sunset / Starry Sky Tour”

The best event of CHILL SA and EMO is “Sunset / Starry Sky Tour”! !


On this tour, you can spend some CHILLING TIME watching the sunset and starry sky.

Maybe you will see this landscape of an airplane landing at the sunset, the view near the airport is unique.

BLANK restaurant menu includes all-you-can-drink beer. Fireworks time when the area gets dark!

It ’s really emo !

Yesterday I went to see the sunset and starry sky near Siem Reap Airport with a guest.

The airplane that disappeared in the sunset, the sky full of stars, the pleasant wind…I was so happy. ✨
When you come to BLANK GUESTHOUSE, please do CHILL together ~

— BLANK Guesthouse @ Siem Reap (@blankguesthouse) November 23, 2019

I went with a guest staying at BLANK ~ ✨

Let’s go together again, it’s was great.

November 24, 2019

BLANK GUESTHOUSE’s annual : “8 $ All You Can Eat and Drink – BBQ”

It’s usual from summer, and now it will be held in spring as well!!

All you can eat and drink for 2 hours at only 8 $!

We have BBQ pork and vegetables, as well as french fries and vichers.

For those who don’t like beer, there are also soft drinks.

No doubt that conversations between travelers will be fun!!

For details, see the blog “[All you can eat and drink for $ 8! ? ] A BBQ tournament was held at the guest house!

【8ドルで食べ飲み放題!?】ゲストハウスでBBQ大会を開催しました!』Please read!




“ Cambodia Real Life Experience Tour ”

This is one of the new tours from spring, “Cambodia Real Life Experience Tour”! !


On this tour, you can visit homes of BLANK GuestHouse night staff and experience the country life in Cambodia.

Highlight of the day : you will discover how to prepare chicken cambodian style, from living animal to the eating plate.

It is a real countryside experience that is rarely experienced in Japan.

You can also take a walk to a nearby lake after eating ♪

For more information, visit the blog “[Get live chickens]” and experience “real life in the village” on the outskirts of Siem Reap!

【生きた鶏をいただく】シェムリアップ郊外で『村のリアルな生活』を体験してみた!【カンボジア】』Please read !



Some stories can only be heard here! “I will change tomorrow! ?” Lecture.

At this event, staff and Japanese people living in Siem Reap will give a lecture.

In the summer of 2019, two people, the owner of a unicycle around the world (一輪車世界一周少年ことオーナーつっち)and the former manager of an overseas nomad writer (海外ノマドライターの前マネージャーとっしー), talked about the past and about their experience in Siem Reap.




If you come to Siem Reap, come to BLANK, there are many other events !!

In addition to the events introduced so far :

・ Insect food party

Can you eat something better! ? I don’t think so !


・ Noodles and tapioca

Let’s pour somen and tapioca on it! !


・ What kind of country is Cambodia?

We offer content that will make you more aware about Cambodia while enjoying your trip, such as Angkor Wat History!


・ Board game NIGHT

BLANK has several board games. Let’s play together!



If you have any other requests, we’ll be glad to respond as much as possible, so please feel free to call us ♪

The event schedule from 2/1 (Sat) to 2/7 (Fri) is as follows!

Events going after 2/07 will be updated on SNS at any time, so please follow and check it out!




Also, don’t forget “BLANK Traveler Festival 2020” held on February 22nd (Sat.)! !


Over 80 people gathered this summer!

Between a sports tournament to two big banquets, it’s sure to be a great day!

For more information, see this blog “[2/22 (Sat.)] A large set of travelers! “BLANK Traveler Festival 2020” to be held! ! See @BLANK GUESTHOUSE 【Siem Reap】. 『【2/22(土)】旅人大集合!『BLANK旅人祭2020』開催決定!!@BLANK GUESTHOUSE【シェムリアップ】


I’m really looking forward to February / March!

Then we look forward to meeting you in the spring!

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