Friendly Japanese Guest House for young people and travelers in Siem Reap

About Us

BLANK’s concept

Margin = BLANK
How to fill this margin? Travel and life are full of blank spaces.
The world you haven’t seen yet is like a blank page, so you can dye it in your own colors.
Such margins also provides meetingpoints with strangers,
it offer a place for youngs travelers to discover various possibilities and gain maturity.


What you can do with BLANK :


Meet interesting people!


Backpackers and travel lovers gather at BLANK GUESTHOUSE.

✔University students taking a leave of school and traveling around the world
✔Student organizations focusing on solving social issues in Cambodia
✔Workers who are planning to quit their jobs and run the guest house

If usually,you live in Japan, you can meet people with a different mindset.

Some guests will talk overnight in the common space on the 2nd floor! !

There are also UNOs cards and other playing cards, so it’s easy to get along quickly!


Dine at the restaurant!


BLANK GUESTHOUSE has a restaurant on site.

You will find not only Khmer dishes, but also authentic Japanese foods supervised by Japanese cooks!

In addition, draft beer that has been chilled in Kinkin is being sold for $ 0.5 (for guests only).

On hot days when it is hard to go outside, feel free to eat at “BLANK RESTAURANT”!

In addition, we have an $ 7 all-you-can-eat BBQ event !


Introducing popular tours at a reasonable price!


BLANK GUESTHOUSE is especially popular in Siem Reap

✔In the World Heritage Ranking! “Angkor Archeological Sites”
✔Sky Temple “Preah Vihear Temple”
✔Model for Laputa !”Venmeria Palace”
✔The sunset is superb! Lake Tonle Sap, larger than Lake Biwa

We will recommend you tours at reasonable price!

Especially recommended for those who are worried about negotiations with cambodian drivers.


Siem Reap is full of charm


In the World Heritage Ranking! “Angkor Wat”


Angkor Wat is surely the first thing that came in mind when you think of Cambodia.

It’s one of the most famous World Heritage Sites in the world,

so beautiful that it is at the top of the World Heritage List every year.


Angkor Wat is sometimes used as a common name for the many Angkor archeological sites.

This site regroup archeological sites such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom or Ta Prohm.


Don’t forget to hydrate during your visit as heat strokes occurs easely during the dry season (heat wave from February to April).




Overwhelmingly cheaper price than Japan!


Prices in Siem Reap are very cheap regarding those in America or Europe!


Except for the sightseeing spots, you can live for less than 460 US dollars,

accommodation expenses included,even for one month.

Travel expenses to sightseeing spots can be reduced by chartering a shared van (tuk-tuk) with several people!


Mineral water, a daily necessity, costs about 0,28 US dollars for 500 ml.

Beer can be purchased for around 0,55 US dollars per can!



Exchange with cheerful and friendly Cambodians!


Cambodians are happy to exchange cheerfully with you!

BLANK GUESTHOUSE also has english-speaking staff (just a little).


Introducing unique staff

BLANK OWNER つっち-Tsucchi


2代目 BLANK MANAGER かすみ- Kasumi







CLEANING ダビン-Davin





Event hosted by BLANK!

At BLANK GUESTHOUSE, we provide events for our guests,

$ 7 BBQ

Watching soccer

Futsal event

And many other events.

If you have an event you want to hold, please ask us.


Details of events hosted by BLANK







Access to BLANK

BLANK GUESTHOUSE is located along Route 6 approximately 15 minutes by tuk tuk from Siem Reap International Airport.

Pick-up from the airport to the guesthouse is $ 7, so please ask at time of booking.

The old market and night market is about 15 minutes walk from the guesthouse.

There is a laundry service ($ 1 per kg) nearby, and there is also a 24-hour convenience store which is about 1 minute on foot




株式会社サガミ 様





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