Friendly Japanese Guest House for young people and travelers in Siem Reap



This guest house has a restaurant "BLANK RESTAURANT" in the hall.
Business hours are from 7:30 to 22:00.

We can offer not only authentic Japanese food supervised by a licensed Japanese cook but also Khmer cuisine, popular in Cambodia.
During the day, the sounds of motorbikes and tuk-tuks running on National Route 6 are pleasant to hear, and the atmosphere is calm.
As the sun goes down, guests returning from tours often enjoy a fresh beer together.


Morning Set


  • Sandwich set $ 2


Set menu


  • Tonkatsu set meal $ 5
  • Ginger baked set meal $ 5
  • Chicken sweet vinegar set meal $ 5
  • Hamburger set meal $ 5


Don menu


  • Oyakodon $ 4
  • Katsudon $ 4
  • Pork with rice bowl $ 4
  •  Eggplant miso soboro don $ 4


Noodle menu


  • Soba / Udon (warm)$4
  • Soba / Udon (cold) $ 4
  • Curry udon $ 5


Curry menu


  • Curry rice $ 4
  • Fried curry $ 5
  • Katsu curry $ 5


Appetizers Menu


  • Morokyu $ 2
  • Edamame $ 2
  • French fries $ 2.5
  • Pumpkin croquette $ 2
  • Deep fried chicken $ 2.5
  • Chicken mayo covered with green onions $ 2.5
  • Rice $0.5
  • Miso soup $ 0.5


Khmer menu(with rice)


  • Lok Lac $3.5

  • Bysachul $ 3
  • Stir-fried spinach greens $ 3
  • Baicha $ 3


Drink menu


Soft Drink Menu $1

•Coke •Sprite •Fanta •Ginger Ale •Aquarius


Juice $1

•Mango •Apple •Orange •Pineapple


Shake Menu $1.5

•Mango Shake•Banana Shake


Frozen menu $1.5

•Coke Frozen•Sprite Frozen•Fanta Frozen


Alcohol menu

•Angkor/Cambodia Can $1
•Draft Beer $1
•Big Beer $3
•Tower Beer $7
•Shandy Gaff $1.5
•Raspberry Highball $2.5
•Rime Highball $2.5
•CALPIS Highball $2.5
•Teqila $2


Water $0.5

Have a good time with our BBQ!

"BLANK RESTAURANT" holds an all-you-can-eat BBQ event for $ 7.

At this occasion, not only guests, but also Cambodian staff friends and Japanese living in Siem Reap who are interested can participate at various events.

There is also a non-alcoholic drink menu, so everyone can participate. If you are not staying at BLANK GUESTHOUSE, please feel free to join us! Many participants become friends through this BBQ event and go sightseeing together. The BBQ event schedule is posted on blogs and SNS, so if you want to participate, please follow us.

Event organizer OK! !


After the opening of " BLANK RESTAURANT " (from 22:00), in the restaurant space
Events hosted by guests are also welcome
the kitchen is open, so it's okay to cook the ingredients you bought.

In the past, there have been guests who have hosted okonomiyaki parties using okonomiyaki ingredients brought in from Japan, and guests who have organized social gatherings between travelers.
During your time Siem Reap, please enjoy not only sightseeing but also events between travelers!




1. Please refrain from bringing food and drinks during restaurant opening hours.
2. If you want to bring in a meal purchased outside, you can use the table on the second floor.
3. If you want to smoke, there is an ashtray, please inform the staff near you.
4. Even those who want to work in the restaurant space, please order at least one drink.
5. Do not disturb the customers around you。



Address:BLANK GUESTHOUSE, 5 Road No.6, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
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